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A resource for the Audio Community - a repository of information for owners of Genex Audio Equipment.

Available now for sale!  GX9048 24 Track Recorder with 3 Analog I/O Cards in excellent condition together
with a GXR948 remote control unit.  Lovingly maintained by a Canadian producer.  No returns accepted and
no warranty offered.  Rare legacy model.  Special reduced price: $5,500.00.  Call (219) 931-6000 for more details.

Newsflash - 10/11/2012 On the Birthday of Maestro Theodore Thomas, founder of the Chicago Symphony
Orchestra, the American Conservatory of Music announces the availability of new resources for audio

UPDATE: (February 25, 2013) As certain parts used in the units (currently deployed in the field) have been
obsoleted or discontinued, it has become necessary to announce that all units in the field will have to undergo
an analysis to determine if replacement parts are still available. If such are available (in the grey market), then
the customer/owner is apprised that since these parts are not in plentiful supply, the per piece replacement cost
will be corresponding charged in accordance with the prevailing rate at that time.

UPDATE: (June 7, 2014) We have successfully brought back to life a dead 9048 that was submitted to us for
repair.  The repair may also be performed by our qualified technicians who are at your service.  Please contact
us if you have a dead non-bootable GX9000/9048:  (219) 931-6000.  This is terrific news as we push onward
toward the goal of redesigning the new generation of production recorder/reproducers for the professional audio

UPDATE: (December 20, 2014) We have offered firmware load service on eBay.  For those who would like to
take advantage of those special prices, please participate in the auction.  Thank you very much!

UPDATE: (January 7, 2015) We have successfully serviced a D-Stage unit and brought it up in conjunction
with a GX9048 configured with MADI communication.  The communication between the units was as designed.
We will be metering the D-Stage unit to analyze its noise and DC-offset performance. 

UPDATE: (January 10, 2015) We have metered the D-Stage unit and have determined that in DSD mode, the
unit does not meet SACD standards.  DC Offset values on all channels are all unacceptable.  Noise is present in
the audible frequency range of 20Hz - 20kHz on some of the channels.  Noise in the 20kHz - 50kHz band is at
unacceptably high levels.  The noise levels in the 50kHz - 100kHz band is even higher in level.  As a consequence,
we do not recommend the quality of A-D conversion in this unit.  In the redesign of this unit, we will be utilizing
discrete components and seeking as low a jitter rate as possible.  Please be patient as we work toward this goal.
The wait time will be well worth it when you see the high performance of our Analogue to Digital Conversion.

UPDATE: (January 11, 2015) We have revived another GX9048 48 Track recorder that arrived in inoperable
condition.  If any frustrated owners of GX9048 recorders have thought their unit was deader than dead, please
make arrangements for us to service your unit.  We will take care of all the details of reviving your GX9048
recorder to operable condition.  Contact us at (219) 931-6000.

Redesign of new production units:

The GX9000, GX9048, Stage I/O, and Mix+ will be redesigned and made available as soon as resources permit.
This product offering is a continuing research project of the American Conservatory of Music made available to
the public. As such, this project is NOT a commercial venture. All proceeds will benefit all ongoing research
being conducted under the direction of faculty professors and all excess funding will be applied to other educational
activities and programs of the Conservatory.

Repair Service Available:

We are pleased to announce that we began offering repair service for GX9000, GX9048, and Stage I/O units
currently in the field. When we perform service on the units, we disclaim any unforseen outcome due to the
short supply of the parts contained in older designs employed in your units. Therefore if service is desired from us,
the owner is directed to obtain loss insurance and to sign an agreement in which we are held harmless should your
unit become non-functional or damaged beyond repair.

Our first service unit was given to us by Jim Stemke of DSP Recordings Inc.  His machine, like ours, has exhibited
DC Offset Levels in DSD Recording Mode as follows:  1: -37.2 dB; 2: -43.6 dB;, 3: -52.5 dB; 4: -52.0 dB;
5: -46.9 dB; 6: -44.2 dB; 7: -50.8 dB; 8: -45.9 dB.  The machine is a GX9000 8 channel recorder.  Noise levels in
the 20kHz - 50 kHz band are on average -27 to -25 dB; and in the 50kHz to 100 kHz band on average -19.9 dB.
These measurements are not within specifications of SACD production standards and therefore any audio recorded
on this machine would not be usable in a project where SACDs would be replicated because the plant would reject
the master and refuse to replicate.

Engineers involved in this project:  Dr. Otto Schulze, Dr. Frederick Hohman (Resigned as of April 8, 2013), Leon Giannakeff

The American Conservatory of Music has acquired the intellectual assets of the now defunct California entities,
Genex Audio Inc. and its successor Desono LLC.  Additionally, the Conservatory acquired the use of all trade-names,
trade-styles, "Genex Audio", "Desono", and all product designations along with an unlimited license to manufacture
the entire product line formerly offered.  The defunct California entities, Genex Audio Inc. and Desono LLC continue
to be responsible for all debts and obligations legally due to its creditors and tax authorities.

Sales representatives for acquisition of newly manufactured rental units*:

For further information, please contact (219) 931-6000

*Note at this time, no rental prices have been set, nor a timetable for availability of production schedules.  Please check back
to this website for further updates. 

Also, please visit our close friend Gus Skinas at Super Audio Center to find out more about the Sonoma Multichannel Digital Audio Workstation.